Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Moose Table Runner

A friend of mine loves Moose.  I mean, she eats, sleeps, lives Moose.  When I came across a yard of Moose fabric on Etsy, I knew I had to get it to make something for her.  For 10 months, it sat in my stash.  Yesterday I came across it and pulled it out.  It was the day to make something Moosey. 

A table runner seemed right.  Using the yard of fabric, I cut the sections I needed, the width of the fabric.  I used 2 strips of a darker fabric as an accent. 

Today I delivered it, and my friend was beyond happy.  So excited!  Now she wants a tote bag out of the same fabric.  I have searched for it, none to be had.  Maybe one of these days some more will show up.  At any rate, I am happy with what I have done.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Looking to Fall

Hi there!  My sewing is going in the way of Fall now.  I wanted to make a top out of the burn out knit I got from Fabric Mart.  It is a rosey red, shades of gray, and light black, with an occasional black sparkly dot. 

I chose McCalls 9898, view B,  for the pattern.  A pullover top with a cowl neck.  The cowl is very full.  I made up a muslin from some inexpensive lace, and there was a great deal of fabric on my front.  I folded about 3" out of the front center, from tummy up to neckline.  If I make this again, I may fold out a bit more.

I had to figure out the application of the cowl.  The instructions on this were lacking.  The rest of the top construction was standard, and easy.  Wow my pictures are bad.  I will see if I can't do better.  :/


I do think I will make this up again, in a bit heavier fabric.  :)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Pillow Case Dress for 18" Doll

A few posts back, you will see the Minnie Mouse Pillow Case Dress I made for my great niece.

  I had a few scraps left over from the project and decided to make a matching dress for Kinsley's doll.
I just kind of winged it and the dress turned out cute.

Today I am delivering it.  :)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cool Summer Blouse

I just love this pattern, and have made View A on a number of occasions.

See & Sew 3886

Since I like a longer top, I always add 4" to the bottom.  I just put the buttons on this green and white cotton blouse.  I will wear it with white shorts or capri pants.  Sorry I am not personally modeling the blouse, when you are alone, you do the best you can.  :) 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Colorful Pattern Weights

Joy, over at Joyful-Expressions, gave me an idea for pattern weights.  She uses large Hex Nuts wrapped in grosgrain ribbon for hers.  I could not find nuts large enough to make me happy, so I looked at large washers.  Ended up getting a couple of boxes of the largest flat washer Lowe's has.

  A single washer is not thick enough for me, so I taped stacks of 4 together.  Then I wrapped the washer stacks in ribbon.  An 18 ft. roll of 3/8" ribbon will wrap 2 washer stacks with some left over.  I used a bit of glue and a clamp to anchor the tails.

I am looking forward to using them.

Thanks Joy, for the great idea!

Monday, July 11, 2016


A few years ago, while at a quilt show, I purchased a kit for The Swirly Bag, by Quilt, Stitch and Sew.  The kit was made up of 2 1/2" strips for the bag, lining, and handles.  The colors reminded me of the ocean, cool and pretty.  So that kit has been waiting for me to get to it, and finally I did.

I recently purchased a Singer Featherweight 221, and just love the little thing.  For my first project, I wanted to make something that resembled quilting.  The Swirly Bag came to mind and I got started right away.

The strips were sewn together.

Then came the first steps of constructing the bag....I did not see how it would come together, so I just followed the instructions and hoped for the best.  This is what will be the bottom of the bag lining, and where everything begins.  I made the lining first, as a practice piece, and I am glad I did, as handling the thickness of the outer bag was not as easy.  I also added some pockets to the lining.

For the outer bag, I sandwiched the strips, interfacing, and Warm and Natural cotton batting. The handles have a strip of the batting also.

The bottom of the bag, I just love the colors.

The instructions tell you to sew the lining and bag, leaving open a section of the pointed top edge to turn the bag through.  OK, I did that.  What?  I was supposed to get 2 layers of fabric, interfacing, and batting all turned and neatly, invisibly stitched into a quarter inch seam allowance?  I ended up taking a seam out in the lining, pulling the bag back through and machine stitching the lining to the bag all the way around, then turning the bag, stitching the opening in the lining, and then top stitching the top edge.  I have been sewing for 55 years, and really don't see how you can do a neat finish on the bag if you follow instructions.  Perhaps you can if you don't use interfacing and batting.  I dunno.

Here is the completed bag.  The square bottom is kind of funky in that it lays with a corner point against the body.  If I make this bag again, I will make some changes.

Pockets added to the lining.